Remote control, 12V. 2 pcs/set/Gift box

WBK-400RC is the wireless remote controlling switch.with metal transmitter for access control.With NO/NC/ COM Optional Contact Output. It can also penetrate the wall easily and be controlled sensitively. What’s more, it adopts the roll code chip to prevent falsity.

לחצן יציאה אלומיניום צר צורת פטרייה ירוק

PBK-818A is a door release button with stainless steel palte with size of 86Lx50Wx40.1H(mm), which is the most common and the most frequently used in the access control systems.

לחצן יציאה אלומיניום רחב צורת פטרייה ירוק

PBK-818B is a door release button with stainless steel palte with size of 86Lx86Wx40.1H(mm), with green color which is conspicuous in public places.

מנעול חשמלי לדלת זכוכית

YS-133NC is designed for the glass door without frame.The operating principle of electric strike is that electromagnetism produces the force to pull or push the release lever so that to lock or open the door.

מנעול חשמלי פין לדלת רגילה ( ללא מתאם BBK-500 )

YB-100 is a fail safe electric bolt .suitable for glass door, wooden door, metal door . We supply integrity equipment to collocate with fully frame less glass door, swing-in door and so on. Build-in Photoelectricity control and low temperature design.

מעגל ממסר 12V בודד RLY2

When the power off, NC contact of the relay will switch to NO contact for output, for the use of remote surveillance to make the whole system more safe.

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